Special Limited Inventory

Crimson Prince Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum "Crimson Prince"

 15 gallon $225, 25 gallon $275


The Crimson Prince has small lobed palm-shaped leaves that turn an outstanding crimson in the fall. Also known as the Japanese Maple, the Crimson Prince is relatively low maintenance. It is a dense deciduous tree possesses a low canopy, growing up to 12 feet high and 8 feet wide. The leaves are a colorful reddish-purple color in the spring and autumn and turn green in the summer. With a rough grey bark and red branches, the Crimson Prince adds significant dimension when added to a landscape.

Tamanaka Weeping Japanese Maple

Acer dissectum "Tamanaka"

 15 gallon $225, 25 gallon $275


Tamanaka Weeping Japanese Maple trees are perfect for small, shady gardens. The leaves stay red throughout the summer and turn a brighter shade during autumn, giving it the title of "fall foliage tree." The Weeping Japanese Maple can reach a height and spread of 20 feet. The Tamanaka adds a beautiful color contrast in typical green landscapes throughout the seasons.

Quantitites are limited. Hurry in as these ornamental shade trees are available as supplies last. Contact Pretty Trees Nursery for more information.