Fall Gardening Tips

Autumn is here!

Fall is the best time to plant since the soil is still warm, and the cooler temperatures and increased rainfall help establish the plant's roots. Trees and shrubs planted now have a head start and establish better than ones planted in the spring. With all of fall and the upcoming spring season, your plants will be better prepared to experience the harsh environment of summer, the most stressful time of the year.


As a result of the summer, many shade trees and shrubs may be suffering from droughts. Remember to water trees and shrubs that show signs of drought stress. With the cool air and warm soil, fall is the perfect time of year to add additional trees and shrubs to your landscape. Spring flowering bulbs will flourish if planted at this time of the year. Fall is the prime time to renovate your lawns, to fertilize your land, and better prepare your garden and landscape before the cold weather hits.

• Beware of pruning as cooler temperatures set in, but pruning diseased and dead branches is advisable at any time of the year.

• Inspect for insects and diseases throughout your landscape, and treat them as necessary.

• Remove debris, such as leaves, weeds, and sticks. Apply post-emergent weed control as needed. Cleaning debris will prevent and delay pest onset next season. Fallen leaves block sunlight from reaching grass blades, leading to brown spots.

• Install trees, shrubs, fall flowers, and spring bulbs. Divide perennials that bloom in the spring and summer.

• Apply mulch around the base of your trees and shrubs, keeping the area just around the trunks clear to prevent rot, insect infestation, and entrance of pathogens. Wrap delicate shrubs to protect against cold environments.

• Bring plants sensitive to a light freeze indoor before night temperatures drop below 55 degrees. Supplemental lighting may be needed to ensure plants receive adequate light.

• Drain water features, turn off irrigation systems, and winterize them before the first freeze. Lawn equipment and tools should also be cared for in the fall, removing dirt and rust.

Planting evergreens will ensure your landscape remains colorful over the winter. Performing a thorough fall cleanup and installing new trees and shrubs in the fall will ensure a healthy and well established landscape for your home and business throughout the upcoming spring and summer. 

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